Top 4 Hot Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes


No doubt Kim Kardashian really own a sexy and hot looking curve body and serious booty. She look good especially on beach and bikini wears. How about Halloween costume, is she able to give us a surprise appearances as well? Keep on reading to find out Kim Kardashian Halloween costumes dress up photos and you give us the comment on how you feel about her costumes wear look.

1. Kim Kardashian dress up as A Little Red Riding Hood attended Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween Party at Lavo in New York City. I wish to be the wolf which plan to accompany with Kim for dinner. In the Halloween party, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal also dress up as impressive and creative superhero costumes as well.

2. Kim Kardashian always think of fancy costume to impress her fans. In 2010, she dress up as remarkable Queen of Heart costume. The most interesting part was her mother also bought the same set of costume and done a fashion parade named as Halloween Twins.

3. Look up on the sky, is a birds..NO! Is a plane..No! Is Kim Kardashian. Kim transformed to a super hero – Wonder Women . She look sexy and glamored with her super hero costume appearance. Well, she did it again to impress her fans with another stunning Halloween costumes.

4. This one is the sexiest costume that Kim Kardashian ever wear. Kim Kardashian hottest Halloween costume of the year should be – Alladdin’s Princess Jasmine dressup costume. Her voluptous body and exotic beauty showed another sexy version of Disney Princess Jasmine.