The Museum of Natural Science in Houston: Halloween Edition


The Museum of Natural Science is not just science; see what they have concocted for Halloween.


The Museum of Natural Science is located in the museum district of the city of Houston close to the medical center at 5555 Herman Park Drive right across the street from Miller Outdoor Theatre, and the hours of operations typically are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. depending on what you go there for.

After being moved several times from its original location downtown, the building that we now see was built in 1969 and as the years went by new exhibitions and rooms were added, for example in 1988 the Challenger Center was put in place in memory of the space mission and a year later the Wortham IMAX Theater and the George Observatory (even though the latter is offsite) were added, so the Museum of Natural Science offers a lot of scientific culture old and new.

The museum a part from having permanent exhibitions has different and special events and one of the most popular one is the Spirit and Skeleton night done every year for Halloween. This event which is held on a Friday evening attracts people from all over town even though the fee to get in is $25 and $22 for museum’s members but it is worth it. The main floor is quite big to host plenty of people and there is an upstairs too, where you can overlook the first floor and the band (typically an 80’s revival band) is playing; the museum offers a buffet style finger food (not the greatest but good enough) and contests for the best costumes, in short it is a big house party with dinosaurs skeleton in between.

And for the family there are the Tricks, Treats and T. Rex event which is held the Saturday afternoon from 10 a.m. to 2p.m. and it costs only $8 and $5 for museum’s members to get in, come dressed up in your Halloween costumes to accompany your children where they will enjoy mad scientists, creepy chemists and very scary taxidermists and magicians and eat the special Halloween food too. The children will love it and the adults will enjoy themselves as well.

So even science embraces the magic of Halloween each for both adults with the Spirit and Skeleton night and for younger ones with the Tricks, Treats and T. Rex event, why not enjoy both?