Soldier Care Packages for Halloween


A care package can brighten the day of a deployed troop. Consider these ideas for building a soldier care package.


Halloween is a time for fun and fantasy even if you are a soldier deployed many miles away from home. If your favorite soldier is gone this year, sending a Halloween care package can help to make the holiday more fun and make the days go by just a little easier. It’s important to get your ideas in mind and your box on the way in order to have it arrive before the holiday. Soldier Care packages will probably be mailing to an APO or FPO which can take longer than mailing within the United States. It is important your Soldier Care Package gets in the mail early. Try to mail by Oct 1st to allow plenty of mail time and enjoyment time for the items you send.There are many items you can include in your Soldier’s Halloween care package. Stop by your post office and grab one of the Large APO/FPO flat rate priority mailing boxes. This will reduce your cost of shipping as the rate stays the same no matter the weight of the box. Your Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine is sure to be thrilled when it arrives. Here are some suggestions on what you might include in your Halloween Soldier care package.
Decoration Items: It’s fun to decorate at home, and it is no different when you are deployed. Items which can be used to decorate the living area and the work area are enjoyed by many. You may consider adding the tiny hard pumpkins, such as the Jack-Be-Little along with some paints or stickers to decorate them with. If you have children, you might consider printing out some of the paper chain printables from For an added touch to the decorative chains, have the children write a note on the links before they fasten then together.

Don’t forget the Candy Corn! The tradition of many years, candy corn is a Halloween and fall favorite of many. Grab a bag or two to add to the soldier care package.

Scary Movie Time: Most deployed locations have DVD players soldiers can use. Include a scary movie in your Halloween care package to make celebrating the season more like home.

Favorite Candies: If you’ve spent a Halloween or two with your Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, you probably know which pieces of candy they grab for themselves before handing them out to the Trick-or-Treaters. Buy them their own bag and include it in the Halloween care package. Chocolate sometimes doesn’t do well with certain deployed locations but by Halloween it should be cooling down enough to send some.

Thanksgiving cards and Addresses: Yes, this is a Halloween Care Package, but your Soldier will thank you if you help them to keep in touch with others. Grab a box of blank Thanksgiving cards, or a few from the Hallmark aisles for those you think he or she might want to send thanks too. The card selection is not great in many deployed locations and this gives them the chance to say thanks to those who have made a difference in their life.

Horror Style Books: In honor of the scariest holiday on the calendar, send your Soldier a scary book. Perhaps he or she likes Stephen King or Dean Koontz. If no other good scary book comes to mind, perhaps you can find a book of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe.

Sealed with Love: A personal touch will make your Halloween Care Package even more special to your Soldier. Take a moment and write him or her a letter, reminding them how much you love them and how special they are to you. You can count on it being treasured by the recipient.

There are many things you can do to make your Halloween Care Package a memorable one for your Soldier. Hopefully these few ideas help you to think of things to make their season more enjoyable regardless of location.