How to Plan a Halloween Party


Halloween is celebrated every 31st of October. It has been part of different cultures and a world-wide tradition of remembering the dead.


Originally meant to honor the souls of the dead, it has become customary for people to celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating and by organizing parties for everyone to enjoy. Halloween’s a great reason for kids and kids at heart to dress up as spooky characters and to socialize with friends, neighbors, or colleagues.


If you’re planning to organize a Halloween party for your neighborhood or just a private party with family members, here are some tips for you:



  • 1

Create a guest list for your party. List down the names of the people you plan to invite. You can use this list to prepare for your party needs such as food, drinks, and giveaways. If you’re planning to rent out a venue, you can use your guest list as basis for your logistics.

  • 2

Send out invitations. You can use simple flyers or postcards for your invitation. Specify your Halloween theme so your guests can prepare the appropriate costume or color themes for the event.

  • 3

Decorate your venue with Halloween-related accessories. Make jack-o’-lanterns and use colors other than black, white, and orange to create a unique Halloween theme.

  • 4

Plan games for adults and kids. You can use the traditional apple bobbing game  or a witch hunt game which works like an Easter egg hunt. Although most Halloween games are for kids, you can ask adults or parents to assist their kids in playing the games you’ve planned for them.

  • 5

Have a best costume award for kids and adults. Present a prize for kids and adults who wears the best costumes of the night. You can create different categories for the award – scariest or most detailed, to name a few.

  • 6

Leave some time for socializing. Avoid going overboard with your plan by spending the whole night doing activities. Leave time for people to talk to one another.




Tips & Warnings


You can use fog machines or dry ice to manufacture smoke and inject a creepy vibe into your theme.


Assign a costume theme for your guests. Set themes for people to follow such as fictional characters, historical figures, or a masquerade.