How to Make Unique Halloween Party Invitations That Get Noticed


Over the years,we have had hosted several kids and adult Halloween parties for our friends and neighbors. We always noticed that the traditional party invite cards that you buy in a card store usually got lost or misplaced and the actual number of RSVP’s was very low.

So one year we put on our creative thinking caps and decided to create a unique Halloween party invitation that was hard to miss and even harder to lose.

Go to your supermarket and purchase about 25-50 of the miniature pumpkins in the produce section. If you are having a large party, there is an online company in Oregon that can sell you large amounts of the miniature pumpkins. Go to: For the record, these aren’t really pumpkins, but instead are from the gourd family that has been bred to be orange like a pumpkin. While at the store also get a Sharpie or other non removable ink marker. This is very important, because most magic markers will smear and rub off.

On each miniature pumpkin, write the party information with a return phone number and RSVP. For a kid’s party, we had the children take them to school in a paper sack and hand them out. We have also handed them out to invitees at youth football games and church Sunday school. Most people will place the pumpkin on the kitchen table or counter and it will always be a reminder to call and RSVP for your party.

For an adult Halloween party, this invitation works even better. We hand them out at work and most people will place them on their desk or use as a paperweight. They become great conversation pieces among co-workers and the word about your party will rapidly spread.