How to make old Indian man Halloween costume


  • Old Indian Man Halloween mask, white hair, wrinkled face, no beard
  • Plaid shirt
  • Red bandanna, old and frazzled at tips of corners
  • Old faded and torn blue jeans
  • Old western belt and buckle
  • Old Indian moccasins or old cowboy boots
  • Old pair of faded red Long John underwear, button type
  • Tanned deer hide or old blanket to draped over shoulder
  • Indian Coup Stick
  • Indian Tom Tom
  • Make-up to cover around eyes and at neck where long johns buttons open
  • Old knife and sheath attached to belt
  • Old looking bead bag to use as candy holder

Step 1 GET THE THINGS YOU’LL NEED. Most of these things, like the clothing, you probably have around the house. If not, go to a second hand store like Salvation Army or Goodwill and purchase them used. If you can’t find or borrow Long Johns go to hunting store like Cabella’s and buy there. Just wash them one or two times in very mild bleach to take the new look out. Same with your jeans and red plaid shirt. You want them to look old. For a source of Indian items look for Grey Owl Indian Crafts. It and Tandy’s are great resources for most all Indian or leather items that you need. Grey Owl has been providing Indian crafts materials to Boy Scouting for years. If you are from a hunting family, you may have tanned deer skins or animal hides that you can use and decorate in an Indian fashion. Be creative.

Step 2 FIND OLD BLUE JEANS, IF NOT TORN, MAKE A FEW HOLES AND RAGGED LEGS. Make sure jeans have some holes in them so you can see the red long johns underwear underneath. They should fit loosely also and red shirt should be half in and out like real sloppy people do.

Step 3 MAKE SURE MOCCASINS LOOK WORN AND OLD TOO. If you can’t find any moccasins, use some very old and wrinkled cowboy boots with a hole or two or worn through heels. Put a little dust and dirt on the moccasins or cowboy boots to help the look. No socks with the moccasins and use make-up on feet and ankles and legs to look like Indian skin.

Step 4 APPLY MAKEUP TO WEARERS NECK AND AROUND EYES THAT SEE THROUGH MASK. Tie the red bandanna around the temple of the mask after you have it on. Ruffle up the mask white hair and do what you can to make face look old and of Indian flesh coloring.

Step 5 USE DEER OR ANIMAL SKIN OR RED BLANKET TO DRAPE AROUND SHOULDERS. When faded red long johns are on under pants and red plaid shirt, and moccasins are on also, drape deerskin or blanket around shoulder and carry coup stick in hand that does not have the treat bag.

Step 6 FIND AN OLD LEATHER BAG OR PURSE, LOOSE LEATHER LIKE SUEDE, DECORATE IT INDIAN STYLE AND USE IT AS A TREAT BAG. Use scissors and cut fringe on bag, add a few colored beads glued on and a feather or two for decoration. Grey Owl sells embroidered cloth strips and other items to decorate your bag. Make a strap from rawhide and let it hang over old Indian man’s shoulder. Use your imagination after looking at old Indian pictures.

Step 7 FIND AS MANY ACCESSORIES AS YOU CAN TO ENHANCE THE OLD MAN INDIAN COSTUME. It has several decoration tips and how tos. You can probably find the leather bag you need at a second hand store, that’s where the Author bought his. Buy it and decorate it and make fringe from flaps and on edges.

Step 8 IF YOU WALK AROUND IN OLD MAN INDIAN COSTUME, STOOP OVER AND GRUNT. When you have the entire costume on most people will not recognize you …this is the case when the author wears his Old Indian Man costume. Get yourself a stump of wood or an old rusty chair to sit on while waiting for trick-or-treater kiddies. Get a tape player to play some Indian chant with beats that you can follow on your Tom Tom. Have a good time!