Halloween Theme Tailgate Ideas


If it daunts you to host or even attend tailgate parties that have themes, this is the tailgate theme with which to get started. Almost anybody can work with Halloween. Decorations from the ubiquitous plastic spider ring to the more refine house of horror props, are easy to get hold of. Costumes of every description are easily available. Actually, how to throw a Halloween party is perhaps so clear to anyone already, we won’t deal so much here with the basics.

Like any game-day get-together, the Halloween tailgate’s success is dependent on your power to adapt and employ several basic cardinal factors. Team-specific horror is your goal here. You can never go wrong with the most common assortment of costumes—psychopathic killers, witches, any number of recognizable monsters from films or myth. Or, barest of all, and charming in its unique way, is the formless sheet-over-the-head ghost costume having large eye-hole cutouts. As usual, more thought and effort can produce and help create your tailgate an affair to be remembered by your guests and everyone who goes by.

For other fans, simply coming dressed to support their team is costume enough. If this isn’t your flair, consider using needle and thread to produce a costume that pays homage to your favorite team, particularly if the team mascot imparts itself to a Halloween motif. In Cincinnati you could go as a tiger; in Denver, a bronco. At California-Irvine, an anteater may be fun. If your team is experiencing a good year after a bad spell, use that to your advantage. A pretty big banner having gory or spooky lettering boldly announcing your team “Back from the Dead” could be thematic, possibly creepy, and serve to offer enthusiastic boost.

The possibilities of going as a ghoulish cheerleader—or with your friends as a whole cheerleading squad of the damned—are frightfully exciting. When you or your friends require some help producing original costumes, or if you just like to make your Halloween tailgate more unique, go with a sub-theme. For instance, have everybody come as their favorite penalty. Offensive holding could be provocative– illegal motion, the same. Don’t be the one called for delay of game.

For some primary decorations, try making a graveyard of tombstones bearing the names of the opposing team’s players. Generally, this would be in poor taste, but Halloween allows for a measure of freedom to be exploited. Not sure this is suitable? Turn the tables on the idea and make a touching (yet still macabre) memorial graveyard scene with tombstones bearing the names of previous members of your own team.

If you plan on using dry ice, for that creepy effect, handle it with care. Wear hand protection each time you touch it. An oven mitt or thick towel will work. Suitable ventilation is also crucial.

Do not let your food and drinks be left out of the thematic fun. Making a Potion Punch or offering someone a Zombie makes the event that much more fun and lets you stretch your creativity beyond the staple candy corn.  As a matter of fact, be sure to bring lots of candy for trick-or-treaters who stroll by. A handful of candy in the bag of a small ghost or goblin goes a long way towards forging friendships with your neighbors. You might even want to make a Halloween trick-or-treat adaptation of a scavenger hunt for your tailgate crew . . . replacing some of the items with things like horror movie characters, vampires, and jack-o-lanterns.

With regards to jack-o-lanterns, the ultimate tailgater will would like to have a lot on hand to set the mood and help light up an evening tailgate. The ultimate tailgater’s pumpkins will boast team mascots as well as the traditional skeletons, devils, and bats.