Halloween Ringtone

A Halloween ringtone can be used throughout the month of October to celebrate Halloween. If you are a fan of horror movies, you can use the ringtone year-round. Scary ringtones are most often taken from movie themes, but can also be created with sound effects and music from particular instruments.

Certain instruments are used to create horror themes. Instruments with a deep, dark sound are common, and an echo will add to the effect. The organ and the bass are common instruments for creating a scary theme song. Ringtones will copy the sound of these instruments as much as possible.


Finding a Halloween Ringtone

A Halloween ringtone can be downloaded off the Internet if your phone has basic internet capability. Depending on the website, you can find ringtones for free or a small cost. Websites will typically charge more for ringtones that are complex, very popular, or hard to find.

You can choose between various types of tunes for your Halloween ringtone. Movie themes are popular, including the Exorcist, Jaws, Children of the Corn, Beetlejuice, Psycho, and the Halloween theme. You can also use a simple sound effect, such as a scream, for your ringtone.