Halloween Party ideas


Planning a Halloween party is a lot of fun but also takes a bit of creativity. A Halloween party can set the mood in your home in many ways. It is more than a matter of costumes, but also food, decoration and music are important items for a spectacular Halloween party.


Halloween is a day which is now popular worldwide and almost everyone enjoys this holiday. These days most people probably don’t know the real origin of this holiday anymore but they surely remember this day is associated with ghosts and spookiness.

Today Halloween is a time of fun, especially for the children who like to walk through the streets dressed up in costumes of ghosts, witches, devils and many other creatures which look sometimes a little bit horrible or scary. Another event associated with Halloween is parties.

Planning a Halloween party is a lot of fun but also takes a bit of creativity. A Halloween party can set the mood in your home in many ways. It is more than a matter of costumes, but also food, decoration and music are important items for a spectacular Halloween party.

*Invitations and theme

The real planning starts always with the invitations. You can choose a certain theme for your Halloween event such as a costume party in where people dress up in costumes reflecting the 60’s, Star Wars, a Jack-O- Lantern Party or a Halloween house party; there is plenty of choice in deciding what kind of theme your party should be. When you have made your choice you can choose the date, the location and the time when your Halloween party will start.

After you’ve set the theme, you can make your guest list and send out the invitations ahead of time; a good time frame is several weeks before the party. If you wait too long, the risk will be high many of your potential guests have already made other plans. Be sure the invitations include a mention it is a costume party which reflects the spookiness of Halloween.


Halloween is a wonderful time for adults as well children. People of any age group will join the Halloween party and they will be dressed in suitable clothes for this event. While both age groups will join the party, it is preferable to dress in clothes which are suitable for both the older and younger guests which reflect the theme of the Halloween party.

Decoration is an important issue for your Halloween party. You can’t have a great Halloween party if you don’t pay attention to the appropriate decorations. Halloween is always a little bit spooky, even horrible scary, and Halloween decorations are important ti achieve the right atmosphere.

If you want to emphasize less on the spooky and more on the fun, you can even make it a little bit cute and friendly. If so, this is perfectly possible, and smiling ghosts or friendly pumpkins are a good idea. Most people prefer to make it a little bit creepy and frightening monsters like witches and devils will be used. A great idea is to put a lot of scary faces like witches and devils before your door.
Pumpkins and orange lights are traditional decorations for a Halloween party but there are a lot of other unique Halloween decorations which you can use inside as well as outside. Some other ideas are masks, glass vases filled with colored leaves or orange candies.

If you want to make it really spooky, don’t clean your house or the location where the party will take place for a few weeks and spider webs and dust which will accumulate give you this creepy effect.

Allow your children to be creative by painting Happy Halloween on a large piece of white cloth and exhibit it along your wall; the kids will love this touch and have a lot of fun creating it.


Pumpkin soup is a traditional dish which can’t be missed during a real Halloween party. Almost everyone will enjoy the pumpkin soup during the party. After this soup I will suggest you serve steak dipped in blood. Cut steak into bite size species and serve it with a dipping sauce; mostly tomato sauce or ketchup. It is a fun idea to create your food to mirror the spooky theme of your party.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with pumpkin cake, pumpkin cookies, spooky chocolate cupcakes, Halloween truffles or ice-cream representing witches or devils. A traditional idea for Halloween is making caramel apples. All are delicious desserts which are great selections for an enjoyable Halloween party. It’s also a good idea to create candy bags which you can hand out to your guests as they are leaving at the end of your party; this is a nice touch and gesture as a thank you for attending.


Music is also an important component of a great Halloween party. There are a lot of songs you can play during the Halloween party. It’s easy to compile a Halloween music playlist; stay away from the usual dance music and instead search some songs with a spooky background like “Looking for Dracula”, “Ghostbusters”, “Scream”, “I put a spell on you”, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and many others are great choices to help set the mood for Halloween.

You also can’t go wrong with choosing different genres of music which suits the activities of your party.
When you serve food you can consider playing classical Halloween music. For example “In the Hall of Mountain King” by Grieg, “Night on a Bare Mountain” by Mussorgsky, and Requiem “Dies Irae” by Mozart are some suggestions for playing during the party; however there is plenty of choice for traditional Halloween music which suits for a festive party.


Your Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without games. There are many fun ideas you can add to heighten the fun! A few ideas for your Halloween party are:

*Bobbing for apples. Bobbing for apples is a messy fun game for your Halloween party. This game requires filling a large washtub with water and putting apples into this wash tub. All the participating guests have to take the apples out the tub with their mouths and the key is to do it without using their hands. The one who can grab the most apples with their teeth is the winner. To make the game harder it is a good idea to put some apples in the washtub which are difficult to reach.

*Contest for the best costume. Ask your guests to come to your party in costume and award a prize to the guest who dresses in the best Halloween costume. The winner can be chosen by votes and the one who has the most votes is the winner.

*Find the pumpkin. The organizer of the party hides several pumpkins in the place where the party take place and the one who finds the most pumpkins is the winner.

Halloween is fun for everyone, and by paying careful attention to your Halloween decorations, costumes, and food in an atmosphere with a little bit of spooky dance music, this will make your event one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year and one your guests are sure to remember.