Halloween – October Bulletin Board Display: The Four Types of Sentences


Students can show you their knowledge about the four types of sentences while celebrating halloween at the same time.  See the bottom of this article for resources (internet links).


  1. Cover a bulletin board with black or brown backing paper.  We used brown this year just because we knew we would want brown paper up for November’s display and we thought it would save some work.
  2. Choose a border:  I used a yellow border that had yellow spider web designs on it which I ordered from the TREND catalog.
  3. Staple up fake spider web (which can be purchased at any grocery or dollar store around halloween).  Spread it evenly over the board and remove any excess.
  4. Make a spider body template from a manila folder for students to trace.  Imagine it looking like the head and abdomen of the spider attached together – kind of like two of the sections of a snowman.  Make several “bodies” for students to trace, dependin gon the size of your class.  This would be a great centers activity.  Students can trace the body on black construction paper and cut it out.  I made my template about 6 inches long.
  5. Also make spider leg templates for students to trace.  Each student will need to make 8 of these legs.  I made my spider legs about 8  inches long and tapered to a point at one end, and slightly curved.  Students can cut out the legs the same way as described above.
  6. On each leg students will write a sentence.  They will write two declarative sentences, to interrogative sentences, two exclamatory sentences and two imperative sentences.  They should write a rough copy first, being careful not to make very long sentences.  The sentences should be spider, halloween or fall related.  The sentences can then be written on the black paper using gel pens or white crayons.  On the back of each sentence-leg, students need to write what kind of sentence they have written on the opposite side. Students glue or tape the sentence-legs onto the spider body..
  7. Students now decorate their spider bodies with googly eyes, foam pieces, glitter, etc. to give their spiders some personality.
  8. Take a grade fromt he completed spiders if you wish, and then post them to the web covered bulletin board.


How to Make a Super Mario Brothers Halloween Costume – It’s Luigi!

First, hit the thrift stores to find the basics, unless you already have them. You’ll want to find a newsboy hat (green, but if you have trouble finding one, get one that you can spray paint green), white stretch gloves (super cheap, Walmart has them too) long sleeved green shirt (you might already have this too), a pair of denim overalls (easy thrift store find) and some sort of brown shoes or boots.

Step 2
Hit up a costume shop or Halloween store for a stick-on handlebar mustache–trust me, this will make or break the costume! 🙂

Step 3
Cut a circle from white craft foam, and a large “L” from black. Glue the “L” on the circle and the circle on the front of the hat.

Step 4
On the white gloves, take black fabric paint and draw two lines. This adds the cartoonish look and feel to the costume.

Step 5
Make a cool trick-or-treat bag! Get a strudy craft fabric tote from Hobby Lobby or other craft store, and use fabric paint to paint the Nintendo star! I found a template by going to Google and typing “Mario Star.” I found an image, enlarged it with my image program, and printed it out. I cut it out, traced it with pencil, and filled in teh design with yellow and black fabric paint. It worked out perfect, and made a nice sturdy bag for all that Halloween candy! 🙂

Tips & Warnings

* If you can’t find a green newsboy hat, get a cheap one at Walmart or Target and spray paint it. I had to spray paint the one for my son’s Mario costume, and it worked out perfect!
* Pull on the handles of the tote bag before you buy it–I did this at one craft store and the handle tore right off. You need a heavy dute tote for that heavy candy at the end of the night!
* I like to take the kids to indoor locations like the mall for trick-or-treating events, but if you’re taking the kids outside in the cold to trick-or-treat, you can put thermal shirts and pants underneath this outfit so they don’t have to bundle up over the costume and spoil the fun!
* WARNING–making this costume might cause your child to get a little too excited about Halloween!