Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes bring out the kid in all of us, they say, but that’s not totally accurate. Sometimes they bring out the harlot, the nun, the knight or the homicidal maniac. A large part of the appeal of wearing Halloween costumes is that while you’re wearing it, you’re someone else.


Halloween Costumes Mask Your Inhibitions

For women especially, Halloween costumes offer a wonderful opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got without being misunderstood. A woman with great legs probably can’t wear a miniskirt to her office, but Naughty Nurse Nancy can show her garters with impunity. Have you ever seen the personality transplant that occurs when a shy woman dresses up like a dominatrix? Just stay out of reach of her whip!

Men can use Halloween costumes to flaunt their attractiveness, too. If you doubt that, watch any Halloween parade in a gay community! You’ve never seen so many handsome cowboys and rugged construction workers. (A gay friend of mine put a clever spin on the hard hat and tight, ripped t-shirt getup. He wore a tool belt filled with hair products.) But men often use costumes to indulge a fantasy personality, such as a superhero, a knight, a secret agent or a pro athlete.

The costumes I enjoy most are the humorous ones. You can use your imagination to convert (or pervert) a standard costume into something only you would think of. You can start with one great piece and build a costume around it. I found a great Viking helmet last year, but didn’t quite know what to do with it. I ended up as a gigantically padded opera singer, with spear and shield and yellow yarn braids to the floor. They can also be totally conceptual, like the man who came to one of my parties with a cardboard box on his head, and two holes cut into the front. Above those holes was a label: “Free breast exams. Insert here.”