Halloween candy


It’s nearly time for Halloween, and I’m seeing costumes in all the major shops and squeals of delight or horror from the various children as they see these costumes.

Oh the joy of Halloween! If you have any children old enough, you know the feeling when they get all dressed up and are ready to roam the neighbourhood in their fancy dress costumes, shouting “Trick or Treat!” and not really having a backup plan when someone says “Trick!”

And the poor parents who have to suffer from hyperactive kids because of a sugar overdose!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween, my wife and daughter love Halloween. We have so much fun gathering the neighbours’ candy and I make sure we have extra large containers so that we can store it all in. Last year I managed to save enough to last two weeks!

But oh, the pressure of buying the right type of candy. I remember as a kid going around the neighbourhood and arriving at the local old lady who always handed out healthy food instead of candy. So, probably the most important part of Halloween for a parent is:

Make sure you have the right type! Otherwise you will get the most aweful sneers if you have the wrong type! Sorry? Don’t know what the “right ” type is?

Well that’s easy to sort out!