Halloween (1978) movie review


The film I have chosen to review is Halloween. This is a horror classic and it released in 1978 which at the time was one of the scariest films and still is today.

The director, John Carpenter has made several versions of Halloween movies since 1978. The most popular ones being Halloween (1978), Halloween 4 and Halloween H20.

It revolves around a teenage girl called Laurie strode. The role is played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Laurie strode is study’s at college with her friends. She has a brother who is handicapped and was sent to the mental hospital for murdering his elder sister on Halloween night, twenty years before the leap. He was a young, disabled boy and a joker. He likes playing Halloween games on people. With blank, death calls and killing people by stabbing them after a little hide and seek. A psychopathic, kleptomaniac, necrophagous thief and killer whose name is Michael Myers. A kleptomaniac, necrophagous thief. Knives and other sharp objects are stolen by his hands in his mission to complete the killing of his sister Laurie.

Both him and Laurie are the most important characters in the story. If he is not around, the movie would not have gone very well. There would not be a scary complication for the actors to solve. Everything would become boring.

Secondly, Laurie is the flag on top of the mountain, and if that flag falls off and is destroyed, the movie would be over. There would be nothing else to solve. Even Michael wouldn’t have to do anything else except kill more people if they interfere in his business.

Laurie is the main character in the plot. Therefore, she has to stay alive in the film and not die even I the worst circumstances, trials and tribulations.

But at last, she was killed on Halloween Resurrection (2002) which ended the series of 25 years! Now, we have a new generation of this movie which released on 31st August 2007. However, it is a remake of the first movie and there is no rumour that the director of the new version will continue the movie into a sequel. Many people have said that the original movie is much better than this new version. I will be happy if anyone commented here about the new and old movie and the difference between the two.

The exposition of the story begins when Michael, who at first, is a 6 year old boy, spies on his sister Judith Myers. He eventually follows her into her bedroom wearing a red, nosed clown mask. He murders her and gets caught by his parents outside their house.

The evidence here was that he was crying a long, sharp blooded knife at the end of his fingertips. He was then sent to the mental asylum for the rest of his gloomy life which is a total shame. He has no heart but only a rock. And this is the cause for the darkness of his own soul. He has no feelings whatsoever. Instead, he has the devil’s eyes.

20 years later, after the horrific events of the past, Michael escapes the mental asylum very cleverly by leaping onto the vehicle and scaring the heart out of an innocent women who luckily escapes out the car in a quick hurry for survival.

He jumps into the car and escapes to Haddonfield for his mission to murder Laurie. By the end of the movie, all of Laurie’s friends are dead and she is all alone. Dr loomis arrives just in time to see Laurie’s death but he prevents it by shooting Michael out the window and making him fall onto the ground outside with a loud thud. But this was not the end. He left Laurie for the slight moment by accepting defeat. However, he makes a comeback for more nemesis. Not accepting defeat until his task is over.

And that is how it went. His undefeated games, lead to a shocking, stunning and absolute success when he finally murdered Laurie in Halloween Resurrection.

A sad ending was shocking to everyone when she died. Leaving me stunned and heartbroken when I saw the instant stabbing which lead to the end.