Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples Halloween costumes are great fun, and as more and more men are discovering how enjoyable it is to dress up, the incidence of couples Halloween costumes is rising drastically. There are several ways to approach the concept of paired costumes. You can match, contrast, or be thematically related. You can be as classic as angel and devil or as original as two vertically challenged friends of mine who painted themselves blue and came as Smurfs.


Variations on Classic Couples Halloween Costumes

One good way to put a fresh spin on some of the more classic pairings is to reverse the usual gender roles. Why not a male angel and a female devil? My husband and I once went to a party as the Princess and the frog, and I was the frog. (He looked charming in an old bridesmaid’s dress of mine and a pointed hat and veil, especially with his beard and the chest hair in the cleavage.)

Take stock of your physical attributes and personality traits and let them suggest costumes for you. I know an imaginative couple that consists of a very tall man and a very short woman. One year he came in a black dress and turban, with red lipstick and heavily penciled eyebrows. She wore a frilly pink dress with a sash, white socks and mary janes. There were wire hangers dangling off the back of her dress. Yes, they were Joan and Christina Crawford, a la Mommy Dearest.

Why not come as ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles, with pointy hats? How about being Sylvester and Tweety, or Babar and Celeste? If you have a small terrier, pencil on a mustache, wear a frivolous hat and come as Nick and Nora Charles. Laurel and Hardy? Magenta and Columbia? Elvis and Marilyn? Lady and the Tramp? Couples Halloween costumes present a marvelous opportunity to let your imagination run wild.