Costumes That Will Make You the Star of This Year’s Halloween


The first thing you need to do is stop panicking. There is still enough time to try to figure out what Halloween costume would be the best for this year. The easy solution is to think of your favorite movie or a TV show. It is that simple; just try to remember what your favorite characters looked like.

One great example is the television TV show The Friends. If you have watched all the seasons, you immediately know what I’m talking about. I guarantee you will find it hilarious. There are a couple of episodes, which directly involve Halloween, if you cannot remember, let me refresh your memory. In one certain episode, Monika is wearing a costume of a Cat Woman, a quite sexy costume if I might add, while Phoebe was dressed as a Super Girl. The funniest out of the gang is Ross who comes wearing a costume of Spudnik. As he explains, he is wearing a costume of a potato, which is spud, and he has his antennas, which are there to imitate a Russian satellite Sputnik. Even though all of his friends make fun of him, except for his current girlfriend Mona, this episode is the most memorable for Ross’ costume. The rest of the team, Chandler who comes dressed as a big fluffy, pink bunny and Joey who comes as Chandler, just add up to the hilarious comedy at the Friends’ Halloween party. So why not borrow this idea. The costumes are funny, and if you can go together as a group, even better. Not only will you be wearing cool costumes, you’ll be wearing the costumes from Friends’ Halloween party.

This might open a window of a great number of ideas. Superheroes have always been in, but somehow they tend to be tacky, since they are everywhere on Halloween parties. Instead of superheroes, why not dress up like some prominent historical figure, like Cleopatra, or Napoleon. There is a lot of history you can choose from, but even if this is not what you are looking for, you can always make a costume of your own. Homemade costumes have always been unique.