20 Halloween Cocktails: Defrightful Drinks, Creepy Cocktails And Spooky Shots

Whether you are having a ghoulish get-together or bewitching bash, now is the time to be planning that Halloween party. Besides a wide assortment of sweet treats to eat, a Halloween party isn’t complete unless there is a wide selection of creepy cocktails and defrightful drinks to get your guests into the haunted holiday “spirit.”

Whether you are planning a simple party with a few of your closest vampires, zombies, monsters and ghosts, or a fancy feast with all the fixings, the cocktails listed below are perfect for any Halloween-themed occasion.

20 Creepy Cocktails & Defrightful Drinks Perfect for Halloween

  • Black Lagoon – Watch this clear drink turn black before your eyes! You’ll need vodka, Rosemary-Lemon Syrup, fresh lemon juice and licorice ice cubes for this one.
  • Bayou Slime – If your guests prefer swampy slimy areas, they’ll love this drink. This foamy drink looks like real moss is growing on it! You’ll need fresh mint leaves, an egg white, Cruzan Dark Rum and Spiced Cordial Syrup.
  • Midnight Mary – If you want dramatic, check out this smoking and sizzling drink! You’ll need simple syrup, galangal syrup, Benedictine, North Shore Aquavit, lime juice, tomato water, Fresno chile bitters, basil and Nitrogen frozen basil foam.
  • Vampire Kiss – You’ll need raspberry liqueur, vodka, Champagne, candy corn, licorice, wax teeth and a blood orange slice.
  • Blood-Orange Cocktails – This simple killer cocktail is perfect for Halloween! You’ll need fresh blood-orange juice and blood-orange liqueur. Mix together, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and pour into test tubes.
  • Witch’s Brew – You’ll need 1 package of lime gelatin, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda or ginger ale and vodka. You’ll also need a large black plastic cauldron that can fit inside a punch bowl, a plastic hand and 1 block of dry ice.
  • Shrunken Heads in Cider – This recipe, from Martha Stewart, is a must-have for any Halloween party! You’ll need Granny Smith apples, whole cloves, apple cider, lemon juice, frozen lemonade concentrate and spiced rum (you can also leave the rum out so the little ones can enjoy!)
  • Poison Apple Punch – You’ll need spiced apple juice, raspberry syrup and ginger beer for this drink. Combine in a punch bowl, add cinnamon and cloves and voila!
  • Blood Drip Glass – Serve your favorite creepy cocktails in these decorative blood-rimmed glasses. You’ll need sugar, Karo syrup and red food coloring.
  • Pina Ghoulada – Speaking of blood-rimmed glasses, this creamy drink calls for cream of coconut, heavy cream, rum, pineapple and orange juice. Add a little red food coloring and corn syrup to the rim and you’re good to go.
  • Bloody Apple Cranberry Cocktails – This tart drink is actually pretty pretty! You’ll need frozen cranberry juice, Sparkling Apple Cider, apple-flavored vodka and cranberry schnapps. (Also available in a non-alcohol version.)
  • Bleeding Heart Martini – Tell your guests this is what happens to bleeding hearts if they show up at one of your parties!
  • Blood and Sand – This cocktail calls for blended scotch, orange juice, cherry heering, sweet vermouth and a maraschino cherry for garnish.
  • Bloody Brain Shooter – You’ll need strawberry vodka, Rose’s lime juice, Bailey’s Irish Cream and a splash of grenadine for this scary shooter.
  • Black Widow – This cocktail, made with vodka, triple sec, Crème de Cassis, pomegranate juice and lemon juice, comes complete with spider legs!
  • Spellbinders with Devil Eyeballs – This creepy cocktail, from Emeril Lagasse, calls for blue curacao, Galliano liqueur, coconut rum, pineapple juice and seltzer water. You’ll need novelty ice cube trays, food coloring, chocolate chips, lychee nut fruits and maraschino cherries for the decorations.
  • Horny Devil Shots – You’ll need sangrita, lime juice, tequila and ice for these shots. Rim the shot glasses with tajin and you’re good to go.
  • Pumpkin Martini – Human guests may enjoy this pumpkin-flavored drink that calls for spice rum, butterscotch-flavored schnapps, graham cracker crumbs, half-and-half and pumpkin puree.
  • Caramel Apple Martini – This drink calls for apple vodka, apple pie liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, apple and lime juice and a maraschino cherry.
  • Green Fizz – You’ll need London dry gin, green crème de menthe, lemon juice, egg whites, superfine sugar and club soda.