15 Affordable And Unique Ways To Dress Up A Halloween Costume

Don’t wear the same costume as everyone else! Make a Halloween costume unique with contact lenses, latex skin, prosthetics, and other affordable and unique ideas. Store bought Halloween costumes are usually plain and ordinary; hundreds of other people will be wearing the same thing as you on Halloween! That is, unless you find a way to make a it unique. We’ve listed several affordable ideas to spruce up even the most common costume below.

Halloween contact lenses – Personalize a store bought costume with special effect contact lenses. Make your eyes a new color, or add a creepy dimension with patterned or neon eyes.

Prosthetics – What good is a scary costume without a gaping wound? Add special effects prosthetics, such as a bullet hole, stab wound, vampire bite, and so on, to make a Halloween costume unique.

Neck bolts – Take your Frankenstein costume to a whole new level with authentic-looking neck bolts. Glue them in place and they’ll stay there all night long.

Fake blood – Halloween is the only time of year when more blood is better! Add fake blood to your scary Halloween costume, Halloween props and accessories, and prosthetics for maximum effect.

Latex skin – Add latex skin, a.k.a. liquid skin, to your face, neck, and hands to make a Halloween costume really unique. This one item will completely transform the way you look, and give your costume a truly one-of-a-kind appearance.

Jewelry – Accessorize your costume with jewelry this year. Chunky bracelets, gothic necklaces, vampire rings, or dazzling gems can be used to personalize a store bought costume.

Halloween wigs – No matter what you’ve decided to be this Halloween, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd with a funky wig.

Hair spray paint – Don’t like the idea of wearing a wig? No problem! Spray your hair with a hot color spray paint instead. Glitter spray, black light spray, neon spray, and other options are perfect for Halloween night.

Belts – Make a Halloween costume look different from the others with a belt. Whether you’re dressing as a cowboy, vampire, superhero, or sexy diva, the right belt can help pull your look together.

Cape – Image Dracula walking through the night without a cape! Or try to picture Superman flying through the air in a pair or red and blue pajamas. Not very unique, is it? Add a cape to your Halloween costume for dramatic effect.

Hair extensions – Add a quick accent to any costume with hair extensions. Pop in a few strands of a unique color, or attach feather extensions, for a quick way to personalize a store bought costume.

Hosiery – Ladies, you can use those sexy legs of yours to dress up your Halloween costume. Fishnet stockings, striped stockings, thigh high stockings, seamed stockings, and so on, can be used to make a Halloween costume super-sexy.

Props – Swords, knives, purses, pom-pom’s, pistols, bloody axes…. These are just a few items in a long line of props that can be used to make a Halloween costume special.

Fake teeth – Fake plastic teeth are cheap, easy to use, and are a simple way to make a Halloween costume unique. Vampire teeth, hillbilly teeth, rotted teeth, tooth blackout, are all fun options.

Shoes – It’s hard to look scary in white tennis shoes. Likewise, it’s impossible to look sexy in dirty high heels. No matter what costume you’re wearing, you can really sell it with the shoes. Pirate boots, sexy platform shoes, black vampire boots, or athletic shoes, can help to pull your costume together.