12 Worst Halloween Candy Choices For Dieters

It’s no surprise that candy is best avoided when you’re on a diet, but Halloween candy poses a particularly great temptation. Even the hardest-core dieters break down and indulge when there’s so much tempting candy around the house.

Halloween candy is also easy for the diet and calorie-conscious crowd to justify: after all, those little candy bars are so small. They can’t really do that much damage can they?

Or can they?

You just might be shocked by how many fat grams and calories can be crammed into one “fun size” candy bar. Use this quick reference guide to know which Halloween chocolate candy treats are the worst calorie offenders.

12 of the highest calorie Halloween candy treats:

  • Snicker’s Creme Pumpkin: 150 calories
  • Butterfinger Snack Size Bar: 100 calories
  • Whoppers Mini Pouch: 100 calories
  • Milky Way Snack Size Bar: 90 calories
  • Almond Joy Snack Size Bar: 90 calories
  • Hershey’s Fun Size Bar: 90 calories
  • M&Ms Fun Size Bag: 90 calories
  • Baby Ruth Fun Size Bar: 85 calories
  • Mounds Snack Size Bar: 83 calories
  • Twix Fun Size Bar: 80 calories
  • Snicker’s Fun Size Bar: 80 calories
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (one cup): 80 calories

If you’re already thinking that 100 calories or so isn’t that much for a candy bar (dieters love 100 calorie packs of treats), ask yourself if you really plan to stop at one. If you know that one fun size candy bar usually leads to another (and another and another), it’s best to avoid the candy completely and keep your diet dignity.

Can’t resist raising the kids’ Halloween booty for just a few treats? Here are some of your best diet bets:


  • Suckers and hard candy. The long-lasting nature means you can’t keep mindlessly munching.
  • Gum. Like hard candy, gum keeps your mouth occupied so you can’t do worse damage to your diet.
  • Fruit snacks, raisins. If your Halloween snacks have some nutritional value, your body will thank you.
  • Pretzels. Fat free, crunchy and salty? Thank the food gods that created these in single packs.
  • Tootsie Rolls. At 13 calories per piece, Tootsie Rolls may be the lowest-calorie chocolate-y Halloween candy around.

The bottom line is: be careful with your Halloween treats, and don’t let the small size fool you into thinking you can have a whole handful. Sometimes a treat can be a trick.