12 Last Minute Green Halloween Ideas

Whether it’s the week or day before Halloween, or even Halloween itself, there are plenty of ways to green it up.

Before Halloween

1. Sustainable, organic or Fair Trade Halloween candy or non-sweet treats can be purchased at stores like Whole Foods Market, for a last-minute green Halloween candy choice.

2. For last-minute, non-candy Halloween treats, looking to the local stores, like office supply stores or farmers’ markets, can inspire more earth-friendly items. Pencils and notepads from recycled materials or Crayola crayons made in solar-powered buildings are good ideas. Pretzels or rolled, dried fruit treats can replace high fructose corn syrup-laden Halloween candies.

DIY Halloween Decorations

3. Stuffing pieces of an old sheet with old clothing or scraps of cloth and tying with paper twists brings a green touch to indoor or outdoor Halloween decorating. Best of all, these sorts of DIY Halloween decorations are reusable and can be brought out year-after-year.

4. Selecting 100% beeswax candles banishes chemicals. Beeswax candles burn more cleanly and are longer-lasting than conventional paraffin candles, making them an economic choice, as well as a green choice.

5. Using LED lights to illuminate pathways and decorations saves money over traditional, incandescent holiday lights.

6. Reusing holiday decorations from past years helps save money and keeps things out of the landfill.

7. Reusing or swapping Halloween costumes among siblings, relatives and neighborhood children saves serious cash.

8. Giving the kids reusable shopping bags or pillowcases is a very eco-friendly, durable choice. These last longer than paper or plastic Halloween bags and can be reused for years.

Field trip

9. Visiting the pumpkin patch is a terrific way to remind kids that Halloween doesn’t need to come from a store. There are often hayrides and fresh cider available to enjoy, along with plenty of photo opportunities and fun.

10. Many communities have corn mazes for kids of all ages to enjoy. It’s prudent to bring cell phones to locate each other, and eco-friendly sunscreen is always a good idea.

After Halloween

11. Even better than green Halloween candy choices are candy swaps or buy backs, where kids trade in candy for movie tickets, CDs, DVDs, MP3s or other, coveted items, and can make for a fun, green Halloween.

12. The biggest way to green Halloween after the night is through is to box up decorations, party supplies and costumes for donation or reuse the following year.

These are just a few ways to green Halloween. Keeping the focus on less-packaging, healthier treat choices or benefitting others is a good way to take steps along the Green Living Journey.