10 Totally Easy Last Minute Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween may not be until next week, but this weekend is the big party weekend. And you haven’t gotten your costume yet. What did you wait for? At this late hour, if you hit the costume shops now, you are going to be stuck with one of the remaining sexy-something costumes. Instead, try one of these very easy, last-minute, DIY costume ideas all based on celebs that you know and love. Well.. maybe not love, but that’s half the fun.

Tim Burton
Wear a suit, throw on some shades and mess up your hair.
Then find every person wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas costume and tell them that they are nothing without you. Chances are there will plenty of Burton inspired costumes.

Kid Rock
All you need is a T-shirt, blue jeans, sunglasses and a hat.
To make it truly topical, carry a Romney political sign around all night.

Zooey Deschanel
A 50’s shirt-waist dress, some cute heels, and a dark wig with bangs.
And then just run around being ridiculously adorable all night.

Tom Cruise
The best Tom Cruise to go with is Risky Business – a white button down shirt, white underwear, sunglasses and socks.
Ok, you may be a bit cold, but you will be instantly recognizable and gain extra points for being awesome and retro at the same time.

Melissa McCarthy
From “Bridesmaids” of course. Dress in golf clothing, throw on a golf glove, and carry around a stuffed dog all night (or 6).
You’ll be hilarious and if you can lift your leg over your head you can re-create one of the best scenes in the film.

Nicki Minaj
Super tight clothes and a bright clown wig. Then throw on plenty of makeup.
Extra points if you randomly use a British accent every now and then.

Katy Perry
There are lots of ways to go with this one. Easiest thing is to throw on some booty shorts and a tiny top, but then embellish with candy. Be sure to add fake eyelashes, a blue wig, long nails, and bright red lips.
Be adorable and cutesy all night, or try to get banned from Sesame Street.

Flava Flav
This celeb costume will always be a fun one. Find an eccentric suit in a bright color, plenty of bling, a big hat (the viking hat would be perfect here) and of course, a giant clock around your neck.
Don’t forget the grill, and exclaim “yeahhh boooyyy!!!” all night long.

Dancing with the Stars
Find a sexy dance-style dress (you can easily thrift this one), and then throw on some bandages, an ankle brace, or even a crutch.
If anyone asks what happened, you can say that Mark Ballas or Louis Van Amstel dropped you.

Probably the cheapest costume of them all – just take a black trash bag, cut it for the neck and arms and bunch the extra bag up in the back. Add a black boa around the top and throw on a blonde wig.