10 Easy Steps For Using Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Halloween pumpkin carving stencils have become popular tools for creating jack-o-lanterns and other pumpkin designs. Although free and purchased stencils and templates may range from basic to complex, in terms of their designs, they are actually quite simple to use.

Follow these 10 easy steps to carve a creative pumpkin with a Halloween stencil.

1. Select your chosen pumpkin carving template, either online or from a purchased packet of designs. If your design is from a website, download and save it to your own computer.

2. Print the Halloween pumpkin carving stencil on plain paper. (Skip this step, if you are using a pre-printed design.)

3. Pick out your pumpkin at a farm stand or store.

4. Wash the pumpkin gently, scrubbing off any excess dirt.

5. Cut a round cap from the top of the pumpkin, and scoop out the pulp and seeds.

6. Rinse off the cleaned-out pumpkin, and wipe it dry with paper towels.

7. Use tape to affix the pumpkin carving stencil to the side of the pumpkin. Mark the outlines of the Halloween stencil design on the outside of the pumpkin, using the point of a large nail or a pumpkin carving tool to poke right through the paper into the pumpkin.

8. Peel back one corner of the Halloween pumpkin carving stencil, and inspect the pumpkin to be sure the entire design has been transferred. Remove the stencil, and set it aside for possible reuse.

9. Employing pumpkin carving tools, such as a small craft saw and several sharp blades, etch and carve the Halloween pumpkin design.

10. Place a sturdy candle inside the carved Halloween pumpkin, and display it proudly for trick or treaters and visitors to see.