10. Denny Hecker (MN Halloween Costume Guide 2021)

When Denny Hecker’s auto empire came crumbling down this year, everyone from auto manufacturers, former employees, and ex-wives came calling for a refund (of sorts.)

If you want to be the famous Minnesota business mogul this Halloween, start with a white colored wig (or wear an auto company or dealership hat to avoid buying a wig.)

Next, you’ll need a suit and tie.  Make sure to pull the pockets out of the pants, and tell everyone who wants their money back that your “pockets are empty.”  Even though the bill collectors may be calling, flash a lot of jewels and gold.  In fact, wear four rings to signify Hecker’s four marriages.

Add any other alterations to the costume to suit your taste.

Additional ideas:

  1. A black eye (to signify his SUV crash)
  2. Handcuffs (for his upcoming legal battles)
  3. Cell Phone (which Hecker was texting on during his crash…come on, don’t act surprised.  You know you’ve been guilty of text-driving too!)

Now I don’t know Denny Hecker personally, but I’d like to think he’ll have a good laugh when he finds out that he was a Halloween costume this past year.  Move over, J.R. Ewing.  Minnesota has Denny Hecker.

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