10 Cane Rum Classic Drink Recipes For Themed Halloween Parties

Is that the scent of fall in the air or Halloween creeping around the corner? Possibly a little of both. Ghoulish goblins and ghosts of the ghastly sort waft in the crisp autumn air as neighborhoods begin decorating for the holiday season. Now is the time to begin thinking about themes for your Halloween soiree.


Throwing a great Halloween party doesn’t have to be complicated where cocktails are concerned. The recent revival in classic cocktails opens the field wide open for basic drink recipes long on taste, short on preparation. The trick of course is choosing base ingredients with defining flavor. 10 Cane Rum is created from the first pressing of virgin sugar cane, grown and harvested in Trinidad’s rich, volcanic soil.  It is then slowly aged in oak barrels for the perfect amount of time to create the light, deliciously smooth flavor that teases the senses into the laid back feel of the islands.  The flavor is exceeding smooth and comes through with every drop when mixed properly in drink recipes.


10 Cane Rum provides the ideal option for variety drinks your guests will enjoy and recognize.   Tried and true classic drinks such as the Daiquiri, Swizzle and Mai Tai give party theme options such Cuba’s famous Floridita, where Hemingway made the Hemingway Daiquiri infamous, to Don the Beachcomber and his legendary Trader Vic’s of Tiki culture.